Description: Band, UK

Known For: “Ship Of Fools” – Hit Single

Music Styles: Rock

Location: London, United Kingdom

Web Site: http://www.worldparty.net/

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World Party

A British pop/alternative rock band, which is essentially the solo project of its sole member, Karl Wallinger. He started the band in 1986 in London after leaving The Waterboys

After a stint as musical director of a West End performance of The Rocky Horror Show, Wallinger joined a funk band dubbed The Out, before signing on with Mike Scott’s Waterboys in 1984 to record the album A Pagan Place. After 1985’s This Is the Sea, Wallinger departed to form World Party.

“Ship Of Fools”, however, would do much better outside the UK — it reached no. 4 in Australia, no. 21 in New Zealand, and no. 27 in the US, in the process becoming the act’s only major international hit.

Wallinger was instrumental in Sinead Oc’Conner’s debut album “The Lion and The Cobra”.1988.

Wallinger was struck down with an aneurysm, leaving him unable to speak. Rehabilitation helped and in 2006 allinger was back.

Albums include.

Private Revolution – 1986
Goodbye Jumbo – 1990
Bang! – 1993
Egyptology – 1997
Dumbing Up – 2000
Dumbing Up – 2006