The Very Best of Simply Red

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The Very Best of Simply Red is a 2-CD album by Simply Red, originally released in 2003 in Japan, but has been imported to other countries.

Track listing

Hold Me (Disc 1)

“Holding Back the Years” +
“It’s Only Love”
“If You Don’t Know Me by Now”
“You’ve Got It”
“For Your Babies”
“Never Never Love”
“We’re in This Together”
“Angel” (feat. Wyclef Jean & Lauryn Hill)
“Night Nurse” (with Sly & Robbie)
“Say You Love Me”
“The Air That I Breathe”
“Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye”
“Mellow My Mind”
“Someday in My Life”
“Love for Sale” ++
“Lady Godiva’s Room”
“Granma’s Hands” ++
Thrill Me (Disc 2)[edit]
“Money’s Too Tight (To Mention)”
“Something Got Me Started”
“A New Flame”
“The Right Thing” +
“I Won’t Feel Bad”
“Come to My Aid” +
“Your Mirror”
“Thrill Me”
“Remembering the First Time”
“To Be Free”
“Ghetto Girl”
“Ain’t That a Lot of Love”
“Thank You”
“Come On in My Kitchen”
“I Know You Got Soul” ++