Above: Peter Mackay, Derek Manning, Harry Herni and seated is Bob Gardiner.

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The Harts were an Australian band formed in Adelaide South Australia. This was at time The Mersey sound hit the scene and all budding musicians wanted to be a part of the new wave movement that was coming out of the U.K. This included “The Harts”.

Description: Band, Australia
Known For: Hit song “Little Girl” – 1967

Instruments: Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Drums, Harmony.
Music Styles: Rock , Easy listening

Location: Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

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The Harts
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The Harts were an Australian rock band formed in Adelaide, South Australia in 1966 becoming Adelaide’s top group in the late sixties.



The Harts

An Australian band formed in Adelaide, South Australia. The Harts formation came in the mis to late sixties. “The Harts” were made up of two bands living with-in walking distance between each other in the Northern suburbs of Adelaide.The two groups were “The Exiles” and “The Pirates” both joining forces to form “The Harts”.

Members included

BOB GARDINER – guitar, vocal
PETER MACKAY – drums, vocal
HARRY HERNI – lead guitar, vocal
PHIL CARR – bass – replaced Derek Manning

Above: Peter Mackay, Derek Manning, Harry Herni and seated is Bob Gardiner.

Under the name “The Harts” the groups first major performance was at the “Combine Club”. This is where the group definitely made it’s first impression.The Twilights had been the top in Adelaide for some time and eventually moved on to Melbourne and then England. The gap was filled by “The Harts” working at top venues in Adelaide such as “The Princeton Club” and all major venues in Adelaide.

Around this period the group was managed by Greg Hocking and was now traveling between Adelaide and Melbourne and back. This led to a contract with EMI records. The group recorded only one single produced by David McKay and recorded at “The Armstrong” studio’s in Melbourne.

They recorded “Little Girl” for the A side and “Cry No More For You” as the B. Both became popular in Adelaide and Melbourns. Both songs were written by lead singer Bob Gardiner. The group at that time had been support act for many international artists such as Roy Orbison, The Yardbirds, The Hollies, The Easybeats to name a few.

The band still touring but mainly still based in Adelaide playing “The Twenty Plus Club” and then managed by Trevor Brian. A move in the latter period with the late “Daryl Sampbell” who took over the management of the group which gave them residency for promoter Ivan Dayman’s new venue named “Swinger” situated at “The Hotel Australia” in North Adelaide. This became a turning point for the group and probably the bands most successful years.

The group was now touring Australia and doing most TV variety shows such as “Komotion” – “The Go Show” – “Adelaide Tonight” etc.The group at that time had peaked though there had been a few line up changes with the loss of bassist Derek Manning, his place was taken by Phil Carr.

Above photo: Appearing on “In Time” with Noel O’Connor centre. From the left are Harry Herni, Bob Gardiner, Noel Phil Carr standing and Peter Mackay. This photo was taken not long before Phil Carr had an accident travelling to Queensland.

“The Harts” had two advantages over most groups as they all sang well and all played instruments.There is no doubt that the group were a close copy of “The Beatles” or more so the English group “Bad Finger” and “The Hollies”.

The group was a rock quartet relying on their vocal harmony and solid backing.

Above: The Harts  playing at “Swinger” at the Hotel Australia, North Adelaide. South Australia.

The group as mentioned had peaked and were entering a stage of completely working Australia mainly for the Ivan Dayman circuit through-out Australia.
During that time Phil, wife and child were involved in an accident while traveling to Surfers and Brisbane, although Phil hospitalized for some time the group kept on replaced Phil until he was back on his feet. Through this period signs were showing with-in the band that the group was not really the same even though Phil had returned. The eventual split was inevitable.

The disappointing part of “The Harts”, just like many other bands is that it had to end when the group still had so much to offer. “The Harts” became a noted band especially in their home town of Adelaide.

Sadly they disbanded in Perth W.A. in 1972 leaving another gap to be filled.
Bob Gardiner made his home in Perth, going solo and becoming a top solo artist as a one man band in Western Australia and would later play as a solo performer throughout Australia.(See Bob Gardiner)

Peter Mackay would would make his name with “Wickety Wack”.
A Brisbane band that would become one of the best show groups in Australia. (See Wickety Wack).There have been many top class bands to come out of Adelaide and “The Harts” were among one of the best.

The above video was recorded at THE HARTS induction at the Norwood Hotel on the 15th November 20017.

Members including line up changes.

BOB GARDINER – vocal – guitar. Went on to be one of the first solo or one man band in Perth and evetually Australia wide.

PETER MACKAY – vocal – drums. Peter joined numerous bands and later joined Wickety Wack in Queensland that went on to major success in Australia as a show band.

HARRY HERNI – vocal – lead guitar. Lived in Melbourne for some years and also playing in many bands throughout Australia. He also would turn his knowledge to recording production.

DEREK MANNING – vocal – bass, Semi retirement in Adelaide.Now bassist in “The Rustlers”.

PHIL CARR – vocal – bass, retired and returned to his home town of Melbourne.

MIKE WADE – guitar, Now living in Brisbane and is involved in the recording industry.
MIKE BRADY – guitar, A member of many bands still playing in Adelaide.
JOHN VAN ZYL – drums (Tea Marion), Played in many bands in Adelaide. Resides in Brisbane.
MIKE McGUIRE – guitar, Played in many bands and moved to Melbourne.
GEORGE BUNEA – guitar, Now resides in his native New Zealand.
DENNIS BIRD – Drums. Played in Perth with the group and later to go to Darwin.

Above shows The Harts on Adelaide’s IN TIME with the late Noel O’connor.

The below data from the state library of South Australia.

Music, sound and video

1. Little girl (I’m so in love with you) Gardiner ; [performed by] The Harts. Cry no more for you /Gardiner ; [performed by] The Harts
Harts (Musical group)
[Sound : 1967]
Keywords: Rock music – South Australia – 1961-1970.; Rock music – Australia – 1961-1970.; Popular music – South Australia – 1961-1970.
Little girl (I’m so in love with you) Gardiner ; [performed by] The Harts. Cry no more for you /Gardiner ; [performed by] The Harts
Harts (Musical group)
Rock music – South Australia – 1961-1970.; Rock music – Australia – 1961-1970.; Popular music – South Australia – 1961-1970.
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• Little girl (I’m so in love with you) [sound recording] / Gardiner ; [performed by] The Harts. Cry no more for you /Gardiner ; [performed by] The Harts.
• Harts (Musical group)
Other Creators
• Gardiner, Bobby.
• Harts (Musical group). Cry no more for you.
• Sydney : His Master’s Voice, [1967]
Physical Description
• 1 sound disc : 45 rpm ; 7 in.
• Rock music — South Australia — 1961-1970.
• Rock music — Australia — 1961-1970.
• Popular music — South Australia — 1961-1970.
• Popular music — Australia — 1961-1970.

• rock music
• popular music
• Produced by David Mackay.
• English
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The Harts Adelaide Music Wiki

The Harts were an Australian rock band formed in Adelaide, South Australia in 1966. The bands first line-up included Bob Gardiner (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar) Peter Mackay (Vocals, Drums) Harry Herni (Vocals, Lead Guitar) and Derek Manning (Bass). The group had major changes through the years with one member Derek Manning leaving the band and being replaced by Phil Carr. This line-up would endure throughout most of the groups duration.

Prior to Manning leaving, the band were signed to the “HMV’ label recording their first release with two original songs ”Little Girl” and “Cry Nomore For You” which were recorded at the Armstrong’s studios in Melbourne in 1977. Both songs were produced by David Mackay and written by the groups lead vocalist Bob Gardiner. Further recordings never eventuated due to line-up changes over the required three year period. Another contract would be renewed by Darryl Sambell who eventually took over management in later years for a similar three year contract with EMI.

The band ventured to Melbourne and playing many venues with The Twilights and major groups such as The Group and The Groove playing venues in Melbourne included: Thumping Tum: Kew Club: The Biting Eye: Tenth Avenue: Catcher : Pinocchio’s : Birties : Opus and many more.

Their popularity in Adelaide led to top venues in their home town of Adelaide. The group became resident band at “The 20 Plus Club” in Adelaide and would later go on to be the resident band at Adelaide’s popular club “Swinger” held at the “Hotel Australia” in North Adelaide.

The group appeared on many television shows including “In Time”, “Adelaide Tonight”, “The Go Show”, “Komotion”, “Happening 70″ etc. Sadly no film or television footage has ever been found considering the group appeared on many television shows in several states over the years.

The Harts supported many acts such as Roy Orbison, Yardbirds, The Walker Brothers, and Bev Harrell at Centennial Hall. The Harts were also support for The Easybeats at Centennial Hall and The Hollies at Adelaide’s Memorial Drive. The group also played a major part in John Farnham’s early career. The group backed Farnham on many occasions in Adelaide and interstate. The band toured Perth, Western Australia for the first time with Farnham in the late sixties. The group ventured many times to Melbourne but would later mainly base themselves in Adelaide most of the time.


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