Description: Vocal Duo, Australia

Known For: Performed regularly on Australia’s’ Bandstand’ in the early sixties.

Instruments: Voice

Music Styles: Easy Listening, Cabaret

Location: NSW, Australia

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The Allen Brothers

Formed 1960 Sydney, Australia

The duo included

PETER ALLEN – vocal/piano/guitar. (10 February 1944 – 18 June 1992)

CHRIS BELL – vocal/guitar. Birth date uknown.

The Allen Brothers was an Australian cabaret act of Peter Allen and a singer guitarist Chris Bell. Allen was then Peter Woolnough, when at the age of fifteen he met Chris Bell, part of a singing duo, “The Two Shades”. When the other member of “The Two Shades” departed it was Bell’s father who picked the name “Allen Brothers” for Chris and Peter. They also sang with “The Barry Sisters”, an Australian backing group unrelated to the American Barry Sisters. The duo broke up at the same time as Allen’s marriage to Liza Minnelli and Chris Bell had no further music career.

Peter Allen

Peter would develope a passionate interest in music. Prodigiously talented, he soon learned piano and was playing at the local pub by the time he was ten, entertaining the locals with his spirited Fats Waller and Jerry Lee Lewis-styled song-and-dance performances.

In his mid-teens he moved to Sydney, where he began playing in pubs.

Here he met up with singer-guitarist Chris Bell and with the help of Chris, father they established themselves as the folk-pop duo The Allen Brothers.

In early 1960 they were spotted by a friend of Brian Henderson, the host of the TV pop show Bandstand and as a result they became regular members of the so-called “Bandstand Family for the next two years.

The pair left Australia in April 1962 for what was supposed to be a three-week booking in Tokyo, performing a Las Vegas-style nightclub act. It was so successful that they toured around Asia for next two years, playing in Japan, South Korea, Singapore, the Philippines and Hong Kong.

The big break came during their stay in Hong Kong.

While performing in the Starlight Room at the Hong Kong Hilton in May 1964 The Allen Brothers were spotted by superstar Judy Garland, who was so impressed that she took them under her wing, arranged bookings for them and brought them to London as her opening act.

The Allen Brothers career continued with moderate success. They signed to Mercury and recorded the album Chris & Peter Allen’s Album number 1. Two Allen Brothers, singles were released in Australia during this period, on different labels:

the Allen Brothers finally broke up in early in the new year. Chris Bell reportedly quit showbusiness and became a pilot. The duo disbanded in 1970.

At the Sydney Hilton in January 1990, and in the Queens Birthday Honours in June he was made a member of the Order of Australia.

Peter was suffering from AIDS-related throat cancer. He received treatment in Sydney before returning to America, but his conditions deteriorated rapidly and he died at his home in San Diego, California on 19 June 1992, aged 48.

Recordings include.

THE ALLEN BROTHERS with chorus & orchestra under the direction of Eddie Cash, Jr. Sydney, 1960
MX4089 Bells, bells, bells (Slay-Crewe) Lee Gordon LS592
MX4090 Summer clouds (Allen Brothers) Lee Gordon LS592
Sydney, 1960
Busy lips Lee Gordon LS599
There’s no need Lee Gordon LS599
ALLEN BROTHERS with orchestral accomp. arranged by Eric Jupp. Sydney, 1960
AA0053-A First kiss (Elaine Goddard) Pye PP-054, Colpix 165
AA0053-B My secret (Elaine Goddard) Pye PP-054, Colpix 165 –
Sydney, 1960
AA0064-A Pretty keen teen (Goddard) Pye PP-065
AA0064-B There’s no need (Allen Brothers) Pye PP-065
Too much Pye PP-067
Ever since Pye PP-067
ALLEN BROTHERS and BARRY SISTERS [with orchestra] arr. Thomas Tycho. Sydney, 1961
AA0091-A No hesitation (S. Russell-W. Readford-C. Howard) Pye PP-092 *
AA0091-B Knockin’ on the right front door (B. Kaye-L. Carr) Pye PP-092 *
THE ALLEN BROTHERS with orchestra directed by Geoff Harvey. Sydney, 1962
7XAA651 No foolin’ (Elaine Goddard) HMV EA4434
7XAA652 Be an angel, Darling (Elaine Goddard) HMV EA4434
Sydney, 1962
7XAA793 Baby loves me (Elaine Goddard) HMV EA4457
7XAA794 Firefly (Leigh-Coleman) HMV EA4457
Sydney, 1962
There’s never been a girl like you HMV EA4471
Ain’t misbehavin’ HMV EA4471

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