Description: Band, Australia

Known For: The band featured Kerri Biddell.

Music Styles: Rock, Soul, R&B

Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


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The Affair

The Affair were a pop music group formed in 1966 as The Gino Affair. They were initially led by lead singer and former child actor, Gino Cunico, and included Tony Bolton on drums, James Kelly on guitar and Paul Wheeler on bass In 1967 the group’s name was reduced to The Affair when Gino left and he was replaced by Derek Fitton as lead vocalist and then by Kerrie Biddell in 68

In January??? 1968 Mike Howlett replaced Wheeler on bass guitar The following month, Rory Thomas on Hammond organ replaced Maddon. In 1969 the group entered the Hoadley’s Battle of the Sounds national band competition and in August won the Vocal Group grand final. They issued their second single, “Money Can’t Buy Me Love”, in October. Their prize for winning Hoadley’s Battle of the Sounds was a trip to London, so the group relocated there in mid-1970, some months later they disbanded and most of the members returned to Australia.

Members throught the years

Bob Daisley – bassist
Mike Howlett – bassist
Paul Wheeler – bass
Jim Kelly – guitarist
Tony Bolton – drummer
Kerrie Biddell – vocalist

Other members included.

Tony Bowman – guitar
Gino Cunnico – vocals
Derek Fitton – vocals
Bruce Maddon – keyboards
Rory Thomas – keyboards

The Affair went through numerous lineup changes, with guitarist Jim Kelly being the only member to last through the group’s entire career.

The band formed in 1966 by actor Gino Cunnico. The groups original name, “The Gino Affair”.

The first lineup was also featured guitarist Ray Burton but by late 1966 the lineup had changed to Cunnico, Jim Kelly, Tony Bolton, Tony Bowman and Bob Daisley. Winners of the Vocal Group section of the 1968 “Hoadley’s National Battle of the Sounds”.

Like most Australian groups who took the same route, The Affair found it impossible to break into the closed English market in those days.

They recorded two Singles for Festival Records. “Shoeshine Boy” – “What Became Of Mary” – 1968 and produced by Adelaide’s Pat Aulton.

The next “Money Can’t Buy Me Love” – “Sing a Simple Song” – 1969.

Kerrie Biddell joined the Daly Wilson Big Band and went on to a successful solo career in jazz.


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