Taught by Experts

Released 1976
Genre Funk, pop
Label A&M
Producer Brooks Arthur

Taught by Experts is the fourth studio album by Peter Allen, released in 1976. It spawned the hit “I Go to Rio”. The album featured such musicians as Thom Rotella, Jerome Richardson, Lesley Gore and Dusty Springfield.

Track listing

“Puttin’ Out Roots” – 3:32
“She Loves to Hear the Music” – 3:16
“Back Doors Crying” – 4:46
“I Go to Rio” – 3:17
“Planes” – 3:05
“Quiet Please, There’s a Lady on Stage” – 5:08
“This Time Around” – 3:15
“The More I See You” – 3:30
“Harbour” – 3:36
“(I’ve Been) Taught by Experts” – 3:12
“Six-Thirty Sunday Morning/New York, I Don’t Know About You” – 5:01


Peter Allen
Thom Rotella
John Jarvis
Alan Estes
Judy Elliot
Chuck Domanico
Jim Keltner
Marilyn Baker
Jerome Richardson
Lesley Gore
Dusty Springfield
Brenda Russell