Take Good Care of Her 1961

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“Take Good Care Of Her”
“Too Far” (re-release)
Released 1961
Recorded 1960
Genre Pop
Length 2:29
Label Coed

Writer(s) Arthur Kent
Ed Warren
Producer(s) George Paxton

“Take Good Care of Her” is a 1961 song written by Arthur Kent and Ed Warren and recorded by Adam Wade. It reached number twenty on the R&B charts and number seven on the Hot 100. In the song, the narrator speaks to the groom of his ex-girlfriend.

Cover versions

In 1966, Sonny James had a number one country hit with his version of the song. It was the fourth among his 23 No. 1 singles.
̇̈*Later that year, Mel Carter recorded the song and reached #78 on US pop charts.

In 1973, Elvis Presley recorded a version of the song as a B-Side to his song “I’ve Got a Thing About You Baby”.
̈*In the same year, Johnny Mathis reached #40 on Adult Contemporary charts.