STRONGHOLD – The Collector’s Hit Box


Stronghold – The Collector’s Hit Box – 2007

Stronghold – The Collector’s Hit Box is a compilation album by American singer Jennifer Rush.

Released in 2007, the collection was widely anticipated by fans. The album came as a 3 CD box set featuring single releases, remixes and previously unreleased material. Among the rare tracks were four unreleased James Bond themes that Rush had recorded in the early 1980s before her fame. As well as this, the album featured a new remix of her hit “I Come Undone” by Dave Kurtis, which received rave reviews among fans.

Track listings

CD 1

“Ave Maria” (Survivors of a Different Kind)
“I Come Undone” (Extended version)
“Into My Dreams”
“Destiny” (Extended version)
“You’re My One and Only” (Extended version)
“Call My Name”
“Wings of Desire” (Extended version)
“Flames of Paradise” (Duet with Elton John) (Extended version)
“Yester Me Yester You Yesterday”
“Come Give Me Your Hand”
“Falling in Love”
“Madonna’s Eyes” (Extended version)
“Love Get Ready” (Extended version)
“Testify with My Heart”
“Love is a Wild Thing”
“The Power of Love” (Extended remix)

CD 2

“25 Lovers”
“Heart Over Mind” (Extended version)
“If You’re Ever Gonna Lose My Love” (Guitar mix)
“Till I Loved You” (Duet with Plácido Domingo)
“We are the Strong” (Extended version)
“Higher Ground” (Extended version)
“Same Heart” (Duet with Michael Bolton)
“Heart Wars”
“Midnight Mirage”
“Hero of a Fool”
“Keep All the Fires Burning Bright” (Extended version)
“Down to You”
“Ring of Ice” (Extended mix)
“When I Look in Your Eyes”
“Where Can You Run”

CD 3

“Listen (to What I Say)”
“The Man with the Golden Gun”
“For Your Eyes Only”
“Give Out”
“Witch Queen of New Orleans”
“The Power of Love” (Radio edit)
“Ring of Ice” (Extended UK remix)
“Heart Over Mind” (Single mix)
“Keep All the Fires Burning Bright” (Club mix)
“Another Way”
“We are the Strong” (Single version)
“Si Tu Eres Mi Hombre Y Yo Tu Mujer” (“The Power of Love”)
“No Me Canso De Pensar En Ti” (“If You’re Ever Gonna Lose My Love”)
“Vida de Mi Vida” (“You’re My One and Only”)
“Solitaria Mujer” (“Keep All the Fires Burning Bright”)
“We are the Strong” (Soundtrack version)

Bonus Track:

“I Come Undone” (Dave Kurtis remix 2007)