STILL WATERS (Bee Gees album)

Still Waters (Bee Gees album)

Released 10 March 1997 (UK)
6 May 1997 (US)

Recorded October 1995 – August 1996
at Middle Ear Studios, Miami Beach

Genre Contemporary R&B, new jack swing, pop rock
Length 53:40

Still Waters is the twenty-first studio album by the pop group the Bee Gees, released on 10 March 1997 in the UK by Polydor, and on 6 May the same year in the US by A&M.

In 1994, the Bee Gees and Polydor Records had planned a major tour to promote Size Isn’t Everything (1993) but it was postponed in February the same year due to Barry Gibb’s trouble with arthritis in his back, right hand and right knee. Following the cancellation of the tour, Robin Gibb told the press that the group was working on an album of acoustic versions of songs they had written for other artists. The project was later called Love Songs which featured some new recordings. However, their record company rejected the album and the new songs were included on a new studio album instead, announced in September 1994 and released on 14 February (Valentine’s Day) of 1995.

Around 1994, the Bee Gees did record six songs, one of which was called “Miracles Happen” which was written and recorded to be the title song for a new film version of Miracle on 34th Street; the Bee Gees got the job in June 1994 and quickly returned this recording, with a boys’ choir and a big string section backing them. The filmmakers however decided later to use only old Christmas songs. On the same session, they also did their own version of their compositions such as “Emotion” (Samantha Sang), “Heartbreaker” (Dionne Warwick), “Love Never Dies” and “Rings Around the Moon”, which were later released as B-sides.

In July 1995, they started with seven demos for what would become included on the album, along with four demos recorded in the second quarter of 1995. In the October 1995 sessions they recorded their rendition of “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” for a Carole King tribute album Tapestry Revisited: A Tribute to Carole King.

In March 1996, they relocated to The Hit Factory in New York to record two songs. Around 1996, the Bee Gees used session musicians to complete the entire album, produced by Russ Titelman. Also in 1996, the Bee Gees recorded two songs with two members of P.M. Dawn, Attrel Cordes and Jarett Cordes. The producer on “With My Eyes Closed” was Raphael Saadiq. “Still Waters (Run Deep)” was produced by Hugh Padgham. The last song recorded for the album was “Closer than Close” which features Maurice Gibb’s lead vocals produced by the brothers themselves.

Track listing

All songs written by Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb.

“Alone” – 4:49 (Lead Vocal: Barry and Robin)
“I Surrender” – 4:18 (Lead Vocal: Barry)
“I Could Not Love You More” – 3:43 (Lead Vocal: Barry)
“Still Waters Run Deep” – 4:08 (Lead Vocal: Barry and Robin)
“My Lover’s Prayer” – 4:00 (Lead Vocal: Barry and Robin)
“With My Eyes Closed” – 4:19 (Lead Vocal: Barry)
“Irresistible Force” – 4:36 (Lead Vocal: Robin and Barry)
“Closer Than Close” – 4:34 (Lead Vocal: Maurice)
“I Will” – 5:08 (Lead Vocal: Barry and Robin)
“Obsessions” – 4:43 (Lead Vocal: Barry)
“Miracles Happen” – 4:12 (Lead Vocal: Barry)
“Smoke and Mirrors” – 5:00 (Lead Vocal: Robin)
Bonus tracks

“Rings Around the Moon” – 4:30 (Lead Vocal: Robin)
“Love Never Dies” – 4:07 (Lead Vocal: Robin)


Barry Gibb – vocals, guitar, drum programming
Robin Gibb – vocals
Maurice Gibb – vocals, keyboards, guitar
Additional personnel
Alan Kendall – guitar
David Foster – keyboards
Michael Thompson – guitar
Dean Parks – guitar
Steve Skinner – keyboards, synthesizer
Steve Jordan – drums
Robbie Kondor – keyboards
Jeff Bova – synthesizer bass, keyboards
Alan Clark – keyboards
Rob Mounsey – keyboard
Marc Schulman – guitars
George “Chocolate” Perry – bass
Anthony Jackson – bass
Jimmy Bralower – programming, percussion
Dave Halpem – percussion
Ralph MacDonald – percussion
Russ Titelman – programming
David Elliot – drums
Raphael Saadiq – programming, bass, guitar, vocals
Kelvin Wooten – keyboards
Spanky Alford – guitar
Carl Verhyn – guitar
Joe Mardin – drum programming
Mike McAvoy – keyboards, guitar
Pino Palladino – bass
Peter John Vettese – keyboards, programming
Manu Katché – drums