Specs Appeal

Released 24 March 1975
Recorded April, May, August 1974
Studio EMI Studios, Abbey Road and CTS Studios, Wembley
Genre Rock
Length 36:36
Label Columbia (EMI)
Producer The Shadows

Specs Appeal is the tenth rock album by British instrumental (and sometimes vocal) group The Shadows, released in 1975 through Columbia (EMI).

Track listing

Disc one

No. Title Writer(s) Length

1. “God Only Knows” Tony Asher, Brian Wilson 02:37
2. “Cool Clear Air” (Lead vocal by John Farrar) Guy Fletcher, Doug Flett 02:52
3. “Rose, Rose” Bruce Welch, John Rostill 03:15
4. “This House Runs on Sunshine” (Lead vocal by Hank Marvin and John Farrar) Brian Bennett, Mike Redway 02:23
5. “Colorado Songbird” Brian Bennett 03:27
6. “No No Nina” (Lead vocal by Hank Marvin) John Farrar, Peter Best 02:53

Total length: 17:27

Disc two

No. Title Writer(s) Length

1. “Honourable Puff-Puff” Hank Marvin, Bruce Welch, Brian Bennett, John Farrar, Dave Richmond 04:11
2. “Don’t Throw It All Away” (Lead vocal by Bruce Welch) Gary Benson, Dave Mindel 03:02
3. “Spider Juice” Hank Marvin 02:30
4. “Let Me Be the One” (Lead vocal by Bruce Welch) Paul Curtis 02:45
5. “Like Strangers” Bruce Welch, Brian Bennett 03:49
6. “Stand Up Like a Man” (Lead vocal by John Farrar and Bruce Welch) Ben Findon, Michael Myers 02:52

Total length: 19:09


Hank Marvin, John Farrar, Bruce Welch – lead vocals, background vocals, electric & acoustic guitars
Brian Bennett – drums, percussion, keyboards
Alan Tarney, Dave Richmond – bass guitar
Brian Bennett, John Farrar – ARP Synthesizer on “Like Strangers”
John Fiddy – string arrangements
Graham Todd – keyboards on “God Only Knows”