Songs from Heathcliff

Released 30 October 1995
Label EMI
Producer John Farrar

Songs from Heathcliff is a 1995 album by Cliff Richard, featuring ten songs from the musical Heathcliff, conceived by and starring Richard as the title character and based on the novel Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë. The music for each track was composed by John Farrar and the lyrics were written by Tim Rice. Five of the album’s tracks feature Olivia Newton-John singing duets with Richard.

Four singles were released from the album: “A Misunderstood Man” (UK #19), “Had to Be” (UK #22), “I Do Not Love You Isabella”—titled “The Wedding” for single release and featuring Helen Hobson—(UK #40) and “Be with Me Always” (UK #52).

Track listing

“A Misunderstood Man”
“Sleep of the Good”
“Gypsy Bundle”
“Had to Be” (featuring Olivia Newton-John)
“When You Thought of Me”
“Dream Tomorrow” (featuring Olivia Newton-John)
“I Do Not Love You Isabella (Heathcliff’s Wedding Song)” (featuring Olivia Newton-John and Kristina Nichols)
“Choosing When It’s Too Late” (featuring Olivia Newton-John)
“Marked with Death” (featuring Olivia Newton-John)
“Be with Me Always”

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