SILVER (album)

Silver (Cliff Richard album)

Released October 1983
Studio Strawberry Recording Studios South, Mayfair Studios, AIR Studios, Abbey Road Studios
Genre Pop, Rock, Rock and Roll
Label EMI
Producer Craig Pruess, Terry Britten, Mike Batt, Bruce Welch

Silver is a 1983 studio album by Cliff Richard, marking his 25th anniversary in music. The North American version was titled Give a Little Bit More and had a revised track list.

A limited edition 2-LP box set of Silver was also released in the UK. The second LP, entitled Rock ‘n’ Roll Silver contained 9 new recordings of rock and roll classics, including Richard’s debut single “Move It”, and one new song “Makin’ History”.

The album reached number 7 in the UK Albums Chart and earned Gold certification.

The album spawned three UK hit singles. “Never Say Die (Give a Little Bit More)” was the lead single and reached number 15 in the UK Singles Chart. It was followed up by “Please Don’t Fall in Love” which reached number 7. In early 1984 “Baby You’re Dynamite” was released and reached number 27. However, while it was on the chart, fans pushed for the B-side, “Ocean Deep” to be released as an A-side and pressure mounted as disc-jockeys played the track too. But not until a fortnight after “Baby You’re Dynamite” had finished its run on the chart was the single re-released with “Ocean Deep” as the A-side; it reached number 72 upon its re-entry to the chart.

Extended versions of “Never Say Die (Give a Little Bit More)” and “Baby You’re Dynamite” were released as vinyl 12″ singles, but so far these have never been released on CD.

The original 1983 CD release of Silver only included 9 tracks from the Silver LP and 7 from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Silver LP, in order to fit on a single disc.

In 1992 it was re-released on CD (paired with The Rock Connection in a twin-pack) with the same track-listing, but was curiously titled Rock ‘n’ Roll Silver. In 2002, Silver was remastered and re-released on CD, excluding the Rock ‘n’ Roll Silver tracks, but including the B-sides of the singles as two bonus tracks.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Silver has not yet been released on CD in its original form, but Richard’s 1984 album The Rock Connection which originally contained 5 tracks from Rock ‘n’ Roll Silver, also included the remaining 5 tracks as bonus tracks when the remastered CD edition was released in 2004.

The album track “The Golden Days Are Over” was recorded by the pop group Bucks Fizz a year later and released as a single.


Side one

“Silver’s Home Tonight” (Craig Pruess, David Reilly) – 3:43
“Hold On” (Sue Shifrin, Terry Britten) – 3:18
“Never Say Die (Give a Little Bit More)” (Sue Shifrin, Terry Britten) – 3:42
“Front Page”[A] – 3:15
“Ocean Deep” (Jonathan Sweet, Rodney Trott) – 5:18

Side two

“Locked Inside Your Prison” (Headly) – 3:29
“Please Don’t Fall in Love” (Mike Batt) – 3:13
“Baby You’re Dynamite” (David Flett, Guy Fletcher) – 3:57
“The Golden Days Are Over” (Sue Shifrin, Terry Britten) – 4:17
“Love Stealer” (Phil Wainman, Richard Myhill) – 3:38
CD Bonus tracks (2002)

“Too Close to Heaven” – 4:15
“Lucille” (Al Collins, Richard Penniman) – 3:39
Rock ‘n’ Roll Silver

Side one

“Makin’ History”[A] – 3:47
“Move It” – 3:05
“Donna” – 4:23
“(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear”[A] – 3:06
“It’ll Be Me” – 3:13

Side two

“Lucille” – 3:39
“Little Bitty Pretty One” – 2:41
“Never Be Anyone Else But You” – 4:04
“Be Bop A Lula” – 3:17
“Tutti Frutti”[A] – 2:24

Silver (1983 CD Release)

“Silver’s Home Tonight” – 3:43
“Hold On” – 3:18
“Never Say Die (Give a Little Bit More)” – 3:42
“Locked Inside Your Prison” – 3:29
“Please Don’t Fall in Love” – 3:13
“Baby You’re Dynamite” – 3:57
“Love Stealer” – 3:38
“The Golden Days Are Over” – 4:17
“Ocean Deep” – 5:18
“Move It” – 3:05
“Donna” – 4:23
“Be Bop A Lula” – 3:17
“Lucille” – 3:39
“Little Bitty Pretty One” – 2:41
“Never Be Anyone Else But You” – 4:04
“It’ll Be Me” – 3:13

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