SHINE ON (Sarah McLachlan album)


Shine On (Sarah McLachlan album) – 2014

Shine On is the eighth studio album by Canadian singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan, released on May 6, 2014 by Verve Records. It was recorded in Vancouver and produced by longtime collaborator Pierre Marchand.

According to McLachlan, the album was inspired by her father’s passing and her own appreciation of life.

Shine On eases up on the heartbreak and lets McLachlan show an earthier side. “I needed to challenge myself a lot,” she said. “I needed to step outside my comfort zone. For that reason, I made an effort to write with people I hadn’t written with before and to try different producers, like Bob Rock, to take some of the songs in a different direction.”

Track listing

No. Title Writer(s) Length

1. “In Your Shoes” Sarah McLachlan, Luke Doucet, Pierre Marchand 3:53
2. “Flesh and Blood” Blair Dally, Hillary Lindsay, McLachlan. 4:19
3. “Monsters” McLachlan, Marchand 3:13
4. “Broken Heart” McLachlan, Marchand 3:18
5. “Surrender and Certainty” McLachlan 4:47
6. “Song for My Father” McLachlan, Tom Douglas 3:17
7. “Turn the Lights Down Low” McLachlan, Don Felder 3:56
8. “Love Beside Me” McLachlan, Douglas, Matt Morris[9] 4:37
9. “Brink of Destruction” McLachlan, Marchand 3:58
10. “Beautiful Girl” McLachlan, Doucet 3:34
11. “The Sound that Love Makes” Doucet 2:17