Full Name: Max Karl Lipscomb

Description: Guitarist, US

Known For: Member of “The Blue Caps”

Music Styles: Rock

Location: United States of America

Date Born: 1942
Location Born: Dallas, Texas, United States of America

Date Died: 17th March 1991 Location Died: Dallas, Texas, United States of America
Cause Of Death: Heart attack

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Scotty McCay

Member of “The Blue Caps” Rhythm Guitarist of the Gene Vincent group.

He was a late member to join though only in his teens in 1956.

He also wrote “I Need a Woman’s Love”.

He turned promoter and producer for groups such as ZZ Top etc.

Very little is known about the late, Max Lipscomb’s post-Bluecaps career. This is the story of how a legendary Bluecap connected with a legendary Yardbird for a bizarre recording.

In late 1966, The Yardbirds were on one of Dick Clark’s gruelling Greyhound Bus package tours around the Southern States of America.

The group found themselves performing every night (sometimes twice a night). They seldom had days off.

Scotty McKay was one of the musicians playing with Brian Hyland. Scotty was a blonde haired, Adonis looking type of guy. We used to watch him playing his Fender guitar and noticed that he wasn’t actually playing it, he was just chopping a sort of offbeat. He played exactly the same every night. Highland’s musicians’ wore Ponchos and cool cowboy boots, and looked pretty cool. They used to have a row of guitarists just standing playing nothing (and one real guitarist). We got to know them and used to piss about sometimes and stand there as well! Now and then we would put on Ponchos.

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