Full Name: Rolan Holden

Description: Vocalist, USA

Known For: Recorded sixties hit with “Love You So”

Instruments: Voice

Music Styles: Rock, Rhythm & Blues

Location: WA, United States of America

Date Born: 7th August 1939
Location Born: Seattle, Washington, United States of America

Date Died: 22nd January 1997
Location Died: Rosarito Beach, Mexico
Cause Of Death: Heart attack

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Ron Holden

An American R&B singer charting in the early sixties with “Love You So”.

Holden was discovered by Larry Nelson, who had just left work as a police officer to start his own record label.

Holden then released the single “Love You So”, which became a hit in the U.S., peaking at #11 on the Black Singles chart and #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1960.

Holden returned to the charts in 1974 with “Can You Talk?”.

He appeared on American Bandstand, shared gigs with Ray Charles and Elvis Presley.

In his latter years Holden with-drew from the biz and did whatever he had to in order to survive.

Holden eventually returned to Hollywood and in 1970 entered LA City College to study theater arts. Then, in 1972, he was hired to join the first Rock & Roll Revival show at the Hollywood Bowl (along with Little Richard, Chuck Berry.

Holden died in Mexico in 1997 of a heart attack.