Full Name: Rob Kelvin

Description: Former television news presenter.

Known For: The Elephant Song (Hit Song)

Instruments: Voice

Location: Australia

Date Born: 20 September 1944
Adelaide, South Australia.

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Rob Kelvin (born 20 September 1944) is a former television news presenter who lived in Adelaide, South Australia. He was a presenter of the weeknight edition of Nine News Adelaide produced by NWS-9. Kelvin presented the bulletin with Kevin Crease until February 2007, when Crease retired after being diagnosed with cancer. Kelvin presented with Kelly Nestor and then Michael Smyth until he retired in December 2010.

Kelvin attended Woodville High School and studied economics at university. He worked as a Patrol Officer in Papua New Guinea from 1964 to 1970 and returned to Australia in 1971 where he joined Lee Murray’s Radio School in Melbourne. Kelvin began broadcasting at Townsville’s 4AY until a cyclone blew away part of his house. He then shifted to Swan Hill’s 3SH.

Kelvin was the presenter of the annual Adelaide Christmas Pageant telecast which is broadcast in early November each year.

After radio roles in Sale and Hobart, Kelvin returned to Adelaide’s 5AD as a radio journalist. He joined NWS9 in 1979 doing various presenting and reporting roles before becoming a newsreader in 1983.

Kelvin has been able to combine his media work with sporting coverage, including working on the Commonwealth Games in both Brisbane and Auckland and covering the Adelaide editions of the Australian Grand Prix on track. A long time motor racing fan, Kelvin was also track commentator for more than 15 years at Rowley Park Speedway and later at its replacement Speedway Park.

Kelvin presented his final bulletin on New Year’s Eve ending his 32-year career with the Nine Network. Kate Collins replaced Kelvin and joined Michael Smyth in January 2011.

Kelvin continues to appear as a stand-in presenter for 6pm news bulletins for Channel 9 in Adelaide.


Rob married woman named Betteanne in 1966, who bore him sons Richard Dallas and Jesse. Richard was kidnapped, tortured and murdered in 1983. Suspected serial killer Bevan Spencer von Einem, a leading suspect in Adelaide’s unsolved Family Murders which saw 5 young men abducted and killed between 1979 and 1983, was convicted of Richard Kelvin’s murder in November 1984 and was sentenced to life imprisonment.


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