Racecar Is Racecar Backwards

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Released 21 June 2004
Recorded July–November 2003
Genre Alternative
Length 48:28
Label Xtra Mile
Producer Jason Wilson

Racecar Is Racecar Backwards is the debut full-length album by the British rock band Reuben. It was recorded between July and November 2003, and was produced by Jason Wilson at Stakeout Studios when it was based in Chobham. The album produced a single, “Freddy Krueger”, which placed 53rd on the UK rock music charts.

Three tracks were intended for the album but not included: ‘Approaching By Stealth’ and a new version of ‘Alpha Signal Seven’ were later released on Reuben’s compilation album, We Should Have Gone to University; the third, provisionally entitled ‘Hell’, which was produced by slowing down the song ‘Oh The Shame’ to half speed from the string section onwards, was never released.

Track listing

“No One Wins the War” – 3:41
“Horror Show” – 2:58
“Stuck in My Throat” – 3:27
“Oh the Shame” – 2:09
“Fall of the Bastille” – 4:09
“Freddy Kreuger” – 2:28
“Tonight My Wife Is Your Wife” – 3:07
“Eating Only Apples” – 2:03
“Our Song” – 1:56
“Let’s Stop Hanging Out” – 2:54
“Missing Fingers” – 4:00
“Song for Saturday” – 2:55
“Moving to Blackwater” – 2:49
“Wrong and Sorry” – 3:21
“Parties Break Hearts” – 2:34
“Dusk” – 3:55


Jamie Lenman – Guitars, vocals, piano
Jon Pearce – Bass, vocals
Guy Davis – Drums

Additional musicians

Nic Slack – Piano on ‘No-One Wins the War’
Neil Lancaster – 7-String guitar on ‘Moving to Blackwater’ and ‘Freddy Kreuger’
The Galaxy Quartet – Strings