Pure and Simple (album)

Pure and Simple is the ninth studio album by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, released in 1994.

Pure and Simple was the first album to feature a new line up of Blackheart band members since the departure of longtime guitarist Ricky Byrd and bassist Kasim Sulton after the release of Jett’s last album, Notorious. This new line up consisted of legendary bassist Kenny Aaronson and lead guitarist Tony “Bruno” Rey. Pure and Simple would be the last Joan Jett & the Blackhearts release until 2006’s Sinner. In 1995, both Aaronson and Rey went on to other projects. Aaronson would eventually become a member of the reunited New York Dolls – coincidentally taking over for bassist Sami Yaffa, his replacement in the Blackhearts and Rey became the musical director for Enrique Iglesias and pop sensation Rihanna.

“Hostility” and “World of Denial” are added on the Japanese pressings. The Japanese cover differs from regular cover. “Get Off the Cross” was also recorded during these sessions. Concurrently released in the US on vinyl LP, CD, and cassette, all versions varying slightly. The record album came with a hype sticker that read “All Rock. No Ballads” and features the track “Here to Stay” co-written by Jett and Kat Bjelland. A few seconds of the song are also heard on the cassette at the very end of Side One before fading out. Jett independently put out “Spinster” as a 7-inch blue vinyl single in the US with a picture sleeve. The B-sides were “Go Home” and “Hostility”. The track “World of Denial” was eventually released in the US on Jett’s greatest hits album Fit to Be Tied.

Track listing

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. “Go Home” Joan Jett, Kathleen Hanna 2:42
2. “Eye to Eye” Jett, Jim Vallance, Kenny Laguna 3:30
3. “Spinster” Jett, Hanna 2:44
4. “Torture” Jett, Vallance, Laguna 3:35
5. “Rubber & Glue” Jett, Hanna 3:19
6. “As I Am” Jett, Desmond Child 4:35
7. “Activity Grrrl” Jett, Hanna 3:45
8. “Insecure” Jett, Vallance, Laguna 3:11
9. “Wonderin'” Jett, Vallance, Laguna 4:53
10. “Consumed” Jett, Thommy Price 4:40
11. “You Got a Problem” Jett, Child, Hanna 3:57
12. “Brighter Day” Jett, Child 6:06

Vinyl release alternative track

Japanese edition bonus tracks


The Blackhearts

Joan Jett – guitars, lead vocals, producer on “Hostility”
Tony Bruno – lead guitars
Kenny Aaronson – bass
Thommy Price – drums
Additional musicians[edit]
Ricky Byrd, John Marshall, Billy Karren, Blake Brocksmith – guitar
Mike Howe, Kathleen Hanna – vocals
Chuck Kentis – keyboards
Arno Hecht – saxophone
Kenny Laguna – producer on all tracks
Thom Panunzio – producer on tracks 1, 2, 4, 7, 9, 10 and bonus tracks, engineer, mixing
Ed Stasium – producer on tracks 1 and 8
Jim Vallance – producer on tracks 2 and 4
Desmond Child – producer on tracks 6, 11 and 12
John Aiosa – engineer, digital editing
Lance Clark – digital editing
Carl Glanville, Lee Anthony, Tim Donovan, Mike Thompson, Neil Perry, Danny Kadar, Adam Kasper, Delwyn Brooks, Chuck Johnson – assistant engineers
Bob Ludwig – mastering at Gateway Studios, Portland, Maine