PICTURE BOOK (Simply Red album)

Picture Book (Simply Red album)

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Released October 1985
Recorded Soundpush Studios in Blaricum, the Netherlands
RAK Studios, London, 1985
Genre Pop rock, soft rock, blue-eyed soul
Length 44:21

Picture Book is the debut album by British pop group Simply Red, released in October 1985. It contains the #1 single “Holding Back the Years”, the band’s most successful single, and a cover of The Valentine Brothers’ “Money’s Too Tight (To Mention)”. Three other singles were released from the album: “Come to My Aid”, “Jericho”, and “Open Up the Red Box”. The album includes ‘lively’ and ‘energetic’ groove beats and ballad orientated keyboard undertones that help songs such as “Holding Back the Years” to be so effective. Members Tim Kellett and Fritz McIntyre are acclaimed by Hucknall to be the most influential in the album based on the distinctive sound of their playing.

The album is included in Robert Dimery’s 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. The album helped Simply Red earn a 1987 Grammy nomination for Best New Artist. “Holding Back The Years” was also nominated for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group With Vocals.

The album has been commercially successful, appearing in the top 30 album charts of 12 different countries, and achieving platinum certification sales in four different countries, including America and the UK.

Track listing

Side one

“Come to My Aid” (Mick Hucknall, Fritz McIntyre) – 4:03
“Sad Old Red” (Hucknall) – 4:33
“Look at You Now” (Hucknall) – 3:02
“Heaven” (David Byrne, Jerry Harrison) – 4:32
“Jericho” (Hucknall) – 6:03

Side two

“Money’s Too Tight (to Mention)” (John Valentine, William Valentine) – 4:13
“Holding Back the Years” (Hucknall, Neil Moss) – 4:30
“(Open Up the) Red Box” (Hucknall) – 3:56
“No Direction” (Hucknall, Dave Fryman) – 3:41
“Picture Book” (Hucknall, Fritz McIntyre) – 5:49
2008 Collector’s Edition bonus tracks

Disc one, CD: remixes

“Money’s Too Tight (to Mention)” (Valentine, Valentine) [The Cutback Mix] – 8:29
“Come to My Aid” (Hucknall, McIntyre) [Survival Mix] – 6:40
“Holding Back the Years” (Hucknall) [Extended Mix] – 5:48
“Jericho” (Hucknall) [Extended Mix] – 6:47
“Open Up the Red Box” (Hucknall) [Extended Mix] – 6:24
Disc two, DVD: Live at Montreux Jazz Festival (8 July 1986)

“Grandma’s Hands” (Bill Withers)
“Sad Old Red” (Hucknall)
“Open Up the Red Box” (Hucknall)
“The Right Thing” (Hucknall)
“No Direction” (Hucknall, Fryman)
“I Won’t Give Up” (Hucknall)
“Holding Back the Years” (Hucknall, Neil Moss)
“Picture Book” (Hucknall, McIntyre)
“Love Fire” (Bunny Wailer)
“Jericho” (Hucknall)
“I Won’t Feel Bad” (Hucknall, McIntyre, Tim Kellett, Chris Joyce, Tony Bowers, Sylvan Richardson)
“Suffer” (Hucknall, Lamont Dozier)
“Infidelity” (Hucknall, Dozier)
“Money’s Too Tight (to Mention)” (John Valentine, William Valentine)
“Come to My Aid” (Hucknall, McIntyre)
“Jericho” [Instrumental] (Hucknall)
“Heaven” (Byrne, Harrison)
“Move on Out” (Hucknall)
“Look at You Now” (Hucknall)


Mick Hucknall – lead and backing vocals
Fritz McIntyre – keyboards and backing vocals
Chris Joyce – drums and percussion
Tony Bowers – bass guitar
Sylvan Richardson – guitar
Tim Kellett – trumpet, live backing vocals and keyboards
Guest Musicians
Ian Dickson – tenor saxophone on “Jericho”, “Sad Old Red” and “Heaven”
Ronnie Ross – baritone saxophone on “Jericho”, “Sad Old Red” and “Heaven”
Francis Foster – congas on “Come to My Aid” and “Look at You Now”
David Fryman – guitar and backing vocals on “Open Up the Red Box”