MOVIN’ (album)


Movin’ (album) – 1985

Movin’ is the second studio album by American singer Jennifer Rush.

Originally released in Germany in late 1985, just as Rush was experiencing worldwide success with “The Power of Love” from her previous album, Movin’ became an instant hit there. The album reached No.1 for 14 weeks and went on to be the biggest selling album of 1986. Despite high sales for her previous album, Rush found it harder to follow up in the UK, where the album (released in 1986) only managed to reach No.32, mainly due to the lack of a hit single. The international first release was “Destiny”, which charted highly in many countries, but only scraped the bottom of the top 100 in the UK. A second single “If You’re Ever Gonna Lose My Love” also sold well in Europe. Other notable tracks included a decidedly electronic working of the Stevie Wonder song “Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday”, and “Ave Maria” (an original track), which was released as a single much later in 1991.

US success still eluded Rush and so after this album she decided to relocate from Germany in order to secure a wider fanbase for her next album.

In some countries the Jennifer Rush debut album was a cross section of tracks from Jennifer Rush (1984) and Movin’ , either titled Jennifer Rush (Canada, German Democratic Republic) or Movin’ (Venezuela).

Track listing

Side One

“Destiny” (Candy deRouge / Gunther Mende / J. Rush / M.D. Clinic) (3:35)
“Silent Killer” (Tony Carey / J. Rush) (3:50)
“Live Wire” (C. deRouge / G. Mende / J. Rush / M.D. Clinic) (3:34)
“Automatic” (Mark Mangold / Suzanne Mangold) (3:29)
“If You’re Ever Gonna Lose My Love” (C. deRouge / G. Mende / J. Rush / M.D. Clinic) (3:50)

Side Two

“Ave Maria (Survivors of a Different Kind)” (C. deRouge / G. Mende / J. Rush / Mary Susan Applegate / M.D. Clinic) (3:48)
“Testify with My Heart” (C. deRouge / G Mende / J. Rush) (3:18)
“Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday” (Ronald Miller / Bryan Wells) (3:15)
“The Right Time has Come Now” (C. de Rouge / G. Mende / J. Rush) (4:01)
“Hero of a Fool” (C. deRouge / G. Mende / J. Rush / M. Applegate / M.D. Clinic) (3:37)