Michael Landau

Background information
Born June 1, 1958
Los Angeles, United States
Genres Rock, Blues, hard rock
Occupation(s) Musician, Engineer, Producer
Instruments Vocals, guitar, bass guitar, sitar, mandolin, synthesizer, chitarrone

Michael Landau (born June 1, 1958) is an American musician, engineer, and record producer. He is a prolific session musician and guitarist who has played on a large number of albums since the early 1980s with artists as varied as Boz Scaggs, Minoru Niihara, Joni Mitchell, Seal, Michael Jackson, James Taylor, Helen Watson, Richard Marx, Steve Perry, Pink Floyd, Roger Daltrey, Glenn Frey, and Miles Davis. Landau, along with fellow session guitarists Dean Parks, Steve Lukather, Michael Thompson and Dann Huff, played on many of the major label releases recorded in Los Angeles from the 1980s–1990s. He has released music with several record labels including Ulftone Music and Tone Center Records, a member of the California-based Shrapnel Label Group.

In addition to his session work, Landau has also fronted several bands including Raging Honkies and Burning Water. In the early 1980s, he was also in the band Maxus that featured future Los Angeles session musicians Robbie Buchanan, Jay Gruska, and Doane Perry.

At age 19, he joined Boz Scaggs for a world tour and by the age of 20, he started to do session work on the recommendation of long time friend, Steve Lukather.



Tales from the Bulge (1990)
The Star Spangled Banner (2001)
Michael Landau Live 2000 (2001)
The Michael Landau Group-Live (2006)
Organic Instrumentals (2012)
With Renegade Creation

Renegade Creation (2010)
Bullet (2012)
With Hazey Jane

Holy Ghost (2009)
With Stolen Fish

Give Me A Ride (1999)
Like I Said (2001)
With The Raging Honkies

We Are The Best Band (1994)
Boner (1996)
With Burning Water

Burning Water (1991)
Mood Elevator (1992)
Live And Lit (1993)
Abbandonato (1994)
With Rita Lee

Bom Bom (1983)

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