Description: Vocalist , Composer, USA

Instruments: Vocals

Music Styles: Punk Rock, Alternative metal, funk rock,

Location: United States of America

Date Born: 7th August 1968
Location Born: Spokane, Washington, United States of America

Date Died: 11th December 1998
Location Died: CA, United States of America
Cause Of Death: Car accident

Memorial: Died, California


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Lynn Straight

He was lead vocalist for hard rock group “Snot”

Strait was born in Spokane, Washington, but moved to Santa Barbara as a teen and immediately embraced the SoCal punk scene. Prior to his work with Snot, Strait had never sung in a band.

Strait also served as the band’s lyricist and appeared as a guest on Tura Satana’s song ‘Down’, a duet with friend Tairrie B on Manhole/Tura Satana’s first album.

Landing a record contract was a dream come true for some of his mates, but Strait was underwhelmed by the development.

According to California Highway Patrol reports, Lynn Strait was traveling from Santa Barbara, CA to Los Angeles and became involved in a six-car crash.

He died in a car accident on December 11, 1998 at the age of 30.