Liverpool 8 – 2008

Liverpool 8 is the fifteenth studio album by Ringo Starr, released worldwide on 14 January 2008. Received with mixed reviews, it marks Starr’s return to EMI for the first time since leaving the label in 1975, following the end of The Beatles’ recording contract with the company.

The album was originally planned for release in June 2007, and began as another production by the collaborative team of Mark Hudson and Starr (the two had previously co-produced Vertical Man, I Wanna Be Santa Claus, VH1 Storytellers, Ringo Rama, and Choose Love). However, the release date was pushed back to the beginning of 2008 when Hudson was replaced by Dave Stewart after a falling out with Starr. The album’s production credits read, “Produced by Ringo Starr and Mark Hudson; Re-Produced by Ringo Starr and David Stewart.”

All of the songs but one were written with the Roundheads, although Stewart also has several co-writing credits. Starr’s attorney Bruce Grakal told journalist Peter Palmiere that the partnership between Hudson and Starr was over and they would never work together again. This happened after Hudson dropped out of Starr’s 2006 tour as musical director to do the TV show The One: Making a Music Star.

According to Palmiere, Hudson claimed that the split was over Starr’s insistence on using synthesized sounds, for which Stewart is known, whereas Hudson wanted real guitars, pianos, strings etc. However, concerning the parting of ways with Hudson, Starr commented, “The separation between Mark Hudson and myself was a question of trust and friendship and had nothing to do with synthesizers.”

Track listing

All songs written by Richard Starkey, Mark Hudson, Gary Burr and Steve Dudas, except where noted

“Liverpool 8” (Starkey, Dave Stewart) – 4:51
“Think About You” – 3:40
“For Love” (Starkey, Hudson) – 3:49
“Now That She’s Gone Away” (Starkey, Hudson, Burr) – 3:02
“Gone Are the Days” (Starkey, Hudson, Stewart) – 2:49
“Give It a Try” (Starkey, Hudson, Dudas) – 3:26
“Tuff Love” – 4:33
“Harry’s Song” – 4:00
“Pasodobles” (Starkey, Hudson, Burr, Dudas, Grakal) – 4:17
“If It’s Love That You Want” – 3:06
“Love Is” – 3:52
“R U Ready?” – 3:59


Personnel per booklet.


Ringo Starr – drums, vocals, percussion, background vocals, claps, organ
Sean Hurley – bass
David A. Stewart – electric guitar, acoustic guitar, orchestra arrangement, backwards fabulousness, slide Guitar
Gary Burr – background vocals, claps, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, whistle, keyboards, mandolin
Steve Dudas – background vocals, claps, electric guitar, classical guitar
Brent Carpenter – background vocals, claps
Mark Hudson – background vocals, claps, bass, electric guitar, piano, keyboards, acoustic guitar, bongos, harmonica, mellotron
Bruce Sugar – background vocals, claps
Keith Allison – background vocals, claps
Suzie Katayama – orchestra arrangement, conductor
Zac Rae – keyboards
Dave Way – bass
Jesse Davey – electric guitar


Ringo Starr, Mark Hudson – producers, except on “Liverpool 8”
Ringo Starr, David A. Stewart – producers on “Liverpool 8”
Mark Hudson – additional production
Ringo Starr, David A. Stewart – re-producers
Bruce Sugar – engineer
Steve Dudas, Gary Burr, Ned Douglas – additional engineers
Bill Malina – mixing
Ted Jensen – mastering
Tom Recchion – art direction
Paul Moore – design
Brian Griffin – photography