Full Name: Dustin Linn Phillips

Description: Vocalist, Guitarist

Known For: Guitarist of group “Flash Cadillac”.

Instruments: Voice, Guitar

Music Styles: Rock

Location: United States of America

Date Born: 1st August 1947
Location Born: United States of America

Date Died: 23rd March 1993
Location Died: Denver, Colorado, United States of America
Cause Of Death: Heart Attack

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Linn V. Phillips III

An American singer and guitarist of group “Flash Cadillac”.

Phillips joined the band Flash Cadillac in 1969 as the guitarist.

In Flash Cadillac, he was able to have roles in the films American Graffiti (1973) and Apocolypse Now (1979).

The band began in 1969 in Boulder, Colorado at the University of Colorado with members.

Flash Cadillac & the Continental Kids, now known as Flash Cadillac, are an American retro rock ‘n’ roll band. They are best known for their portrayal of the group Herbie and the Heartbeats in the film American Graffiti, to which they contributed three songs: cover versions of “At the Hop” and “Louie, Louie”, and the original composition “She’s So Fine”.

Kris Moe – keyboardist
Linn Phillips – guitar – died heart attack in 1993
Kris Moe – Born September 26, 1949, passed peacefully on July 8, 2005
Charlie Phillips (Linn’s brother)
Sam McFadin – died of a heart attack at his home in Colorado Springs. Aged 49.

In 1993, after a show with Flash Cadillac, Linn Phillips had a masssive heart attack.

Two days later, after unsuccesful surgery, he passed away.

The band “Flash Cadillac” still tours today through-out the United States.