LETTING GO (Wings song)

Released 4 October 1975 (US)
18 October 1975 (UK)
Format 7″ single
Recorded November 1974
Genre Blues rock
Length 4:30
Label Capitol
Songwriter(s) Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney
Producer(s) Paul McCartney

“Letting Go” is a song credited to Paul and Linda McCartney and originally released by Wings on their 1975 album Venus and Mars. The song was remixed and released as a single on 4 October 1975 in the United States, and on 18 October 1975 in the United Kingdom. The song peaked at number 41 in the UK and number 39 in the US.From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The song was recorded late in 1974 at Abbey Road Studios, before the band went to New Orleans to record the majority of Venus and Mars. It was one of only three songs recorded for the album with short-term Wings drummer Geoff Britton before Britton quit the band (the others being “Love in Song” and “Medicine Jar”).

Like many of Paul McCartney’s songs of this period, the subject of “Letting Go” is his wife Linda. The singer describes himself in a relationship with a beautiful woman but he remains concerned about the relationship. McCartney biographer Peter Ames Carlin claims that the song “traced the thin line between love and obsession”, with “passion in all its unhinged, dangerous glory.” The song reflects McCartney’s recognition that he needed to give his wife more space to pursue her own interests, after Linda had given up her career as a photographer to join his band. The content of the lyrics varies between the verses and refrain, with the verses describing the subject and the refrain acknowledging the idea of “letting go.” The key is A minor at the start of the song, but the song ends in C minor.

The contrast in the lyrics is also reflected in the music, with the refrain using a descending note melody and having a darker sound than the verses, which have a melody that wavers up and down. The song uses a medium tempo, and the instruments include a guitar part described by Allmusic critic Donald Guarisco as “bluesy” and keyboards, plus a horn parts in an interlude as well as in the outro. “Letting Go” has more of a soul music feel than most of the songs on Venus and Mars, which are more pop music oriented. The single version is remixed and is approximately a minute shorter than the album track. The single also incorporates elements that were not included on the album track, such as an organ glissando at the beginning.