Above: That first year of the competition, 1966, was a most significant year for South Australia with The Twilights and lead singer Glen Shorrock taking out not just the state semi final but also the grand final, which was held in Melbourne’s Festival Hall. Masters Apprentices, another young Adelaide band came second in the South Australian competition and were runners up in the 1968 grand final.

Abel Hoadley (10 September 1844 – 12 May 1918) was the inventor of the popular Australian confectionery bar, the Violet Crumble. Hoadley’s name is remembered in the history of Australian pop/rock music in the name of the successful Australian rock band competition, Hoadley’s Battle of the Sounds, which ran from 1966 to 1972.


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Hoadley’s Battle of the Sounds

Hoadley’s Battle of the Sounds was an annual national rock/pop band competition held in Australia from 1966 to 1972.

Australia’s Battle of the Sounds was originally established by Australian tabloid magazine Everybody’s in 1965 as a talent quest for new unsigned bands in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

The National Battle of the Sounds gained significant credibility and attracted many of Australia’s top pop outfits when, in 1966, confectioner Hoadley’s assumed sponsorship and it took the full name of “Hoadley’s Battle of the Sounds” for the first time.

Go-Set magazine took over the co-ordination role and local radio stations all over Australia organised local heats. This turned it into a truly national competition. Heats were held in the capital cities and country towns and bands worked their way up through semi-finals to one penultimate grand-final, held in either Melbourne or Sydney.

The valuable first prize was a full return passage to England on the Sitmar cruise line, two booked concerts in London and $1000 prize money, later upped to $2000 and return flights to Los Angeles (early winners did not get the concerts).

1969 was the peak year of the battle with over 1000 bands entering and two Grand Finals, one for full bands and one for groups and singing groups that specialised in harmony vocals. Over the years the battle would see such quality acts as The Groove and Sherbet taking out the major prize. Many other prominent outfits that would go on to greater success competed in the Battle until its conclusion in 1972.

National Battle of the Sounds: National Finalists: 1965: Held, Festival Hall, Melbourne

1965 – Winners: The Crickets. Melbourne, Victoria

Finalists included:
Jimmy Crockett & The Shanes
The Pink Finks
The Showmen
The Rising Sons

Hoadley’s National Finalists: 1966-1972: Held, Festival Hall, Melbourne

1966 – Winners: The Twilights – Victoria)
Second place The Loose Ends (Victoria) – Chaos & Co (Tasmania)
The Road Runners
The Breed
The Chosen Few
The Modes
The Clique

1967 Winners: The Groop – Melbourne, Victoria. Held, Festival Hall, Melbourne

The Questions (NSW)
The Flamingoes (Queensland)
The Valentines
The Mystics
The Wanderers
Gus & The Nomads
James Taylor Move
J A Madison
Mickey Finn
J B J & The Originals

1968 Winners: The Groove – Melbourne, Victoria. Held, Festival Hall, Melbourne

2nd place – Masters Apprentices (South Australia)
3rd place – Doug Parkinson In Focus – (NSW)
The Marksmen
Tol Puddle Martyrs
Shades of Blue
Beat ‘n Tracks
Abstract Image
Black Orchids
J A Madison

1969 – Winners: Doug Parkinson in Focus – Melbourne, Victoria. Held, Festival Hall, Melbourne

2nd place – Aesops Fables (NSW)
3rd place – The Valentines(Victoria)
The Avengers
Tin Pan Alley
Pepper Adams
Spice of Life
Clockwork Oringe
Chapter Three

1969 – Winners: (Vocal Group Grand Final) – The Affair – Sydney, NSW:
Held, Festival Hall, Melbourne

2nd place – Mark VI(Queensland)
3rd place – Travis Wellington Hedge (South Australia)
The Chiffons
New Edition

1970 – The Flying Circus – Sydney, NSW – Held at Capitol Theatre, Sydney: Held at the Capitol Theatre, Sydney

2nd place – Zoot – (Victoria)3 place – Autumn (NSW)
3rd place – Nova Express

Sweaty Betty
“Musick Express
Chapter III
Jug Band
Sons of Bacchus
Noddys Crew

1971 – Fraternity – Adelaide, South Australia. Held at Festival Hall, Melbourne.

2nd place – Sherbet – (NSW)
3rd place – Jeff St John and Copperwine (NSW)
Langford Lever
Jelly Roll Big Band

1972 – Sherbet – Sydney, NSW: Held at Capitol Theatre, Sydney

2nd place – Jeff St John and Copperwine (NSW)
3rd place – Headband – (South Australia)