HES A LIAR (song)


Artist Name: THE BEE GEES

Top Position (Australia): 34

Song Author: Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb

Year Recorded: 1981
Record Label: RSO
Label Number: 2090 568


He’s A Liar

A-side Vocal
B-side Instrumental
Released September 1981
Format 7″
Recorded 1981

“He’s a Liar” was the first single from The Bee Gees album Living Eyes released in 1981.

It had been approximately 2 years since the last Bee Gees single had been released and although this song sounded nothing like the Bee Gees’ disco-era singles, the backlash had pigeonholed the Bee Gees as a disco act and radio stations were reluctant to play any new Bee Gees music.

After 6 consecutive number-one singles, “He’s a Liar” barely cracked the top 40, peaking at #30 in the US, which was a far cry from the dizzying heights of their success in the late ’70s