Have I the Right?

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Have I the Right?

Released June 1964 (UK)
Format 7″
Recorded RGM Sound: 1964
Genre Pop
Length 2:57

Songwriter(s) Ken Howard, Alan Blaikley
Producer(s) Joe Meek[1] (R.G.M. Sound)

“Have I the Right?” was the début single and biggest hit of British band The Honeycombs. It was composed by Ken Howard and Alan Blaikley, who had made contact with The Honeycombs, a London-based group, then playing under the name of The Sheratons, in the Mildmay Tavern in the Balls Pond Road in Islington, where they played a date. Howard and Blaikley were impressed by the group’s lead vocalist, Dennis D’Ell, and the fact that they had a female drummer, Ann (‘Honey’) Lantree. The group were looking for material to play for an audition with record producer Joe Meek, and they played the songs Howard and Blaikley had just given them. Meek decided to record one of them, “Have I the Right?”, there and then. Meek himself provided the B-side, “Please Don’t Pretend Again”.

Music critic Tom Ewing, writing for Freaky Trigger, commented that the song “invents” post-punk, “which is to say, when I listen to the instrumental break on this record, bright guitar and sharp keyboard slicing tuneless chunks out of each other, it’s not 1964 I’m hearing.”