Have Gun will Travel

Description: Band, USA

Music Styles: alternative folk-rock

Location: USA

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Have Gun will Travel is an alternative folk-rock band, launched on January 24, 2006. Based in Bradenton, Florida, they make reference to the town in several songs, including Salad Day from the album Postcards from the Friendly City (“The Friendly City” is also a reference to Bradenton).

The band has Americana, folk-rock, country music, and punk-rock influence, and has received regular airplay on NPR, with tours around the United States. Although a ‘D.I.Y.’ or independent band for over five years, HGWT announced on August 30 that it signed with Suburban Home Records. The band plans to release its forthcoming album “Mergers and Acquisitions” on Suburban Home on November 1, 2011.

Lead vocalist Matt Burke’s songwriting draws on western themes of life and death, honor, and morality throughout the band’s narrative songs


Since the 2008 release of their debut full-length album Casting Shadows Tall As Giants, the album has been in the top 5 most-played album of the year on Tampa’s WMNF 88.5 FM. Their fourth album, Fiction, Fact or Folktale? is set to be released on September 10th, 2013.

Their song “Blessing and a Curse” (from the album Casting Shadows Tall as Giants) was used during the final scenes and the credits of The Good Wife season 3 episode 21 (The Penalty Box, aired April 22, 2012).


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