HARMONY (Anne Murray album)

Harmony (Anne Murray album)  1987

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Harmony is a studio album by Canadian Country artist Anne Murray. It was released by Capitol Records in the summer of 1987.

The disc peaked at number 9 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart and sold approximately 350,000 copies in the United States.

Track listing

“Are You Still in Love with Me” – 4:21 (Jack White, K. C. Porter, Mark Spiro)
“Anyone Can Do the Heartbreak” – 4:00 (Amanda McBroom, Tom Snow)
“The Great Divide” (J. D. Martin, Gary Harrison) – 3:44
“Tonight (I Want to Be in Love)” (Marti Sharron, Albert Hammond, Peter Rafelson) – 4:09
“Perfect Strangers” (featuring Doug Mallory) (Jonas Fjeld, Astor Anderson, Johnny Sareussen, Mark Spiro) – 4:17
“Give Me Your Love” (Mark Spiro, Leslie Spiro, K. C. Porter) – 4:16
“It Happens All the Time” (Van Stephenson, Bob Farrell, Dave Robbins) – 4:20
“Harmony” (Mark Spiro, Tony Marty, Jack White) – 3:21
“Natural Love” (Tom Snow, Cynthia Weil) – 3:41
“Without You” (Jack White, Mark Spiro) – 4:00