Good Morning Starshine

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“Good Morning Starshine” is a pop song from the musical Hair (1967). It was a No. 3 hit in the United States in July 1969 and a No. 6 hit in the United Kingdom in October 1969, for the singer Oliver.

“Good Morning Starshine” is a song from the second act of the musical, Hair (1967). The song is performed by the character Sheila, played Off-Broadway in 1967 by Jill O’Hara and by Lynn Kellogg in the original 1968 Broadway production. In the 1979 film version of the musical, Sheila is portrayed by Beverly D’Angelo.

Cover versions

Artists who have recorded covers of the song
Andy Williams with the Osmond Brothers, Get Together with Andy Williams (1969)
Gary Lewis and the Playboys, Rhythm of the Rain (1969)
Strawberry Alarm Clock, Good Morning Starshine (1969)
Chris Clark, CC Rides Again (1969)
Björn Skifs (1969, as “God morgon stjärnljus”) scoring a Svensktoppen hit for two weeks.
Sahlee Quizon, daughter of Dolphy and Engracia (Gracia) Dominguez, under Vicor Records (1970)
Hugo Montenegro, Colours of Love (1970)
Roger Whittaker, The Last Farewell (1971)
Lars Lönndahl (1971, as “God morgon stjärnljus”) scoring a 1972 Svensktoppen hit for two weeks.
Elaine Paige, Stages (1983)
Sarah Brightman, As I Came of Age (1990)
Sharon, Lois & Bram, Let’s Dance! (1995)
Anna-Lotta Larsson (2004, as “God morgon stjärnljus”)
Serena Ryder, If Your Memory Serves You Well (2006)

Artists who have performed/recorded the song live

Diana Ross and The Supremes on The Hollywood Palace (1969)
Bob McGrath on Sesame Street (1969)
Danielle White, on American Juniors (2007)