Eddie Clarke

Birth name Edward Allan Clarke
Also known as Fast Eddie Clarke
Born 5 October 1950
Twickenham, London, England

Died 10 January 2018 (aged 67)
London, England
Genres Rock and roll, hard rock, blues rock, heavy metal
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Guitar, vocals

Edward Allan Clarke (5 October 1950 – 10 January 2018), better known as “Fast” Eddie Clarke, was a British guitarist and podcaster who was a member of heavy metal bands Fastway and Motörhead. Of Motörhead’s classic lineup, which consisted of Lemmy, himself and Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor, he was the last surviving member.

Clarke began playing guitar and by the time he was aged fifteen had been through many local bands, one of which was called The Bitter End. He continued playing local gigs until 1973, when he turned professional by joining Curtis Knight’s blues prog rock band, Zeus, as lead guitarist. In 1974, the band recorded an album called The Second Coming at Olympic Studios. Clarke wrote the music to Knight’s lyrics, on a track entitled “The Confession”.

Clarke also recorded the album Sea of Time with Zeus. Later with guitarist friend Allan Callan, keyboard player Nicky Hogarth, and drummer Chris Perry, Clarke attended a recorded jam session at Command Studios in Piccadilly. As a result of the tracks from this session, the quartet secured a deal with Anchor Records, and called the band Blue Goose. With a recording contract secured, Clarke, Hogarth and Perry left Zeus to focus on their own project with Callan.

An argument soon erupted between Clarke and Callan, because Callan did not have any amplifiers. Clarke had allowed him to share his during rehearsals, but Clarke then found he could not hear his solos because Callan was drowning him out. The argument ended with Clarke being sacked. Still short of amps, the band asked him to re-join a few days later. Clarke refused, feeling that they were doing Anchor Records an injustice because they had been paid an advance to record an album, but had done nothing productive towards making it. Blue Goose finally released their eponymous album through Anchor in 1974, crediting an instrumental track, entitled “Over The Top”, to Clarke-Hogarth-Perry.

Clarke soon formed another band with Be-Bop Deluxe bassist, Charlie Tumahai, vocalist Ann McCluskie and Jim Thompson on drums. Called Continuous Performance, this line up lasted until early 1975, when their demo tracks failed to secure them a record deal and the band split up. Still out to secure a record deal, Clarke then formed a group with Nicky Hogarth from Blue Goose, bass player Tony Cussons and drummer Terry Slater. Their efforts to get a deal were also unsuccessful, and Clarke temporarily gave up the music industry.


Clarke died on 10 January 2018; he was in hospital, where he was being treated for pneumonia. He was 67 years old.



1974 Curtis Knight Zeus -The Second Coming
1974 Curtis Knight Zeus – Sea of Time
1983 Fastway – Fastway
1984 Fastway – All Fired Up
1986 Fastway – Waiting for the Roar
1986 Fastway – Trick Or Treat (soundtrack album)
1988 Fastway – On Target
1990 Fastway – Bad Bad Girls
1992 Fastway – Say What You Will – Live
1993 The Muggers – The Muggers Tapes
1994 Solo album – It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over
2003 Motörhead – Live at Brixton Academy
2007 Fast Eddie Clarke Anthology
2009 Curtis Knight Zeus -The Second Coming – first time on CD with bonus track.
2010 Fastway – Steal The Show – 4 CD Live Box Set.
2011 Fastway – Eat Dog Eat
2014 Fast Eddie Clarke – “Make My Day – Back To Blues” CD & Download


1974 Curtis Knight and Zeus – “Devil Made Me Do It” / “Oh Rainbow”
1974 Curtis Knight and Zeus – “People, Places and Things” / “Mysterious Lady”
1983 Fastway – “Easy Livin'” / “Say What You Will”
1983 Fastway – “Easy Livin'” / “Say What You Will” / “Far, Far From Home”


Motörhead – 21 August 1977
Overkill – 24 March 1979
Bomber – 27 October 1979
Ace of Spades – 8 November 1980
No Sleep ’til Hammersmith – 27 June 1981
Iron Fist – 17 April 1982
BBC Live & In-Session – 20 September 2005

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