CRAZY (Icehouse song)

Crazy (Icehouse song)

Released 1987
Format 7″ vinyl
Genre Soft rock, synthpop

Label Regular (Australia)
Chrysalis (rest of the world)
Writer(s) Iva Davies
Robert Kretschmer
Andy Qunta
Producer(s) David Lord

“Crazy” is a 1987 hit single by the Australian rock/synthpop band Icehouse. The song was written by band members Iva Davies, Robert Kretschmer and Andy Qunta.

Two versions of the music video exist, an Australian version, and a version for US markets. The Australian version features Davies wandering through the unused Pyrmont Power Station in Sydney while various events occur around him, such as explosions, cars crashing and various people wandering through the scene. It was shot in one continuous take.

The US version is based on “Play Misty for me”, with Davies hosting a late night radio show, and taking a request from a fan, (the actress Paris Jefferson), who asks “mind if I wake you tonight?”. Davies misinterprets this as the request, but the caller goes on to say “play ‘Crazy’ for me?”. The rest of the video shows Icehouse singing and playing instruments in a large mansion. The final scene shows Davies meeting the caller, who has posters of Icehouse and Iva Davies plastered all over her wall. Davies gives a short uneasy smile, before leaving the house.

Track listing

Australian release (7″)

“Completely Gone”

US promo release (12″)
“Crazy (12″ Mix)”
“Crazy (Midnight Mix)”
“Crazy (LP version)”
“No Promises (Live)