Comic Boyz

Origin: Republic of China (Taiwan)

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Comic Boyz (Chinese) was a Taiwanese vocal quartet boy band. In 2001, after the success of F4, Comic Ritz Production was looking to create a new group to fulfill the ‘boy band craze’ in Taiwan and after careful selection, eleven members were selected for the Comic Boyz. Despite the publicity and making appearance in Taiwanese dramas, Comic boyz was not successful compare to F4. They disbanded in 2005 with their last album Goodbye Comic Boyz.

The band started out as an unofficial group with eleven members. The 11 members underwent training and part of the training was to host TV shows. After 6 months of training, they were evaluated based on their performance. Five members were eliminated and the remaining six formed the official group. The six members are: Kingone Wang, Figaro Tseng, Shone An, Arroy Shen, Peter Chang, Derrick Hsu. In 2002, right after their first album was released, while practicing a dance routine, Derrick slipped and fell on the floor. He suffered several bone fractures that would required 3–4 months of absence to recover. After consideration, Derrick decided to leave the group and focus on school work. Since Derrick used to be the group leader, this left the team with only five members and the management team put Kingone Wang as the leader of the group.

Post disbandment

After the disbandment, only Kingone, Figaro and Arroy remains active in the entertainment industry. Shone left the industry around 2007 and then made a comeback to be a host in a talk show in 2009. Arroy died in 2012 due to complications that accompanied a brain injury. Shone died in 2015 after suffering from liver cancer.


Kingone Wang
Figaro Tseng
Peter Chang

Past members:

Derrick Hsu
Daryll Kuo
Fio Wang
Yaowan Chang
George Hsu
Sean Lee
Shone An†
Arroy Shen†