Description: DJ and producer.

Known For: Cox began his career as a hardcore and rave DJ in the mid 1980s

Music Styles: Techno, house

Date Born: 29th July 1962

Location Born: Oldham, Guinea

Web Site:   Carl Cox

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Carl Cox

Carl Cox (born 29 July 1962, Barbados) is a British house and techno DJ and producer. In the 1980s Cox was a hardcore/rave DJ. He performed at numerous clubs and also served as a monthly DJ for BBC Radio One’s Essential Mix. Cox formed two record labels and now performs on his own stage yearly at various music festivals. He was voted the No. 1 Rave DJ in 1992 and No. 1 DJ in the World in 1996 and 1997 by DJ Magazine. He is a ten time DJ Awards winner, three time International Dance Music Awards winner and an NME Award winning artist. He is currently ranked the No. 1 Global Techno and Techno House DJ by the DJ List.

Cox began his career as a hardcore and rave DJ in the mid 1980s. He has performed at clubs such as The Eclipse, Edge, Shelly’s, Sterns Nightclub, Heaven, Sir Henry’s in Cork, Ireland and Angels and The Haçienda, as well as raves for Fantazia, Dreamscape, NASA and Amnesia House.

He now spearheads two record labels, Intec Records and 23rd Century Records. He also has his own stage every year at Ultra Music Festival, Tomorrowland, and Electric Daisy Carnival called Carl Cox and Friends.

He also ran Ultimate Base at the now defunct Velvet Underground on Charing Cross Road in the mid to late 1990s. Of his many DJ highlights, he also managed to cram in the Millennium (1999 to 2000) New Year’s Eve twice by flying and cheating the timezones. He has had shows on Kiss FM and was a monthly live, global resident for BBC Radio One’s Essential Mix in 1998–99, as well as over a decades worth of Ibiza live mixes broadcast from Club Space.



1996: At The End Of The Cliche, Edel UK Records/Worldwide Ultimatum Records
1999: Phuture 2000, Edel UK Records/Worldwide Ultimatum Records
2005: Second Sign, Play It Again Sam
2011: All Roads Lead To The Dancefloor, Intec Digital
[edit] Singles1991: “I Want You (Forever)”, Perfecto Records – UK No.23
1992: “Does It Feel Good To You”, Perfecto Records – UK No.35
1993: “The Planet of Love”, Perfecto Records – UK No.44
1995: “Two Paintings And A Drum”, Edel UK Records – UK No.24
1996: “Sensual Sophis-ti-cat” / The Player”, Worldwide Ultimatum Records – UK No.25
1996: “Tribal Jedi”, Edel UK Records/Worldwide Ultimatum Records
1998: “The Latin Theme”, Edel UK Records – UK No.52
1998: “Phuture 2000”, Worldwide Ultimatum Records – UK No.40
1999: “Dr. Funk”, Edel UK Records/Worldwide Ultimatum Records
1999: “The Latin Theme”, Edel UK Records/Worldwide Ultimatum Records
2002: “Club Traxx Vol.1”, Trust the DJ
2003: “Club Traxx Vol.2”, Trust the DJ
2003: “Dirty Bass”, 23rd Century Records[3]
2011: “Chemistry” ft. Shelley Segal, Intec Digital[4]
[edit] Compilations1994: Nonstopmix 1994, Liquid Rec.
1994: Fantazia III – Made in Heaven Remix, Fantazia
1994: Fantazia The DJ Collection Carl Cox, Fantazia
1995: F.A.C.T., React
1997: F.A.C.T. 2, Worldwide Ultimatum Records
1998: DJF 250, Sony Music Entertainment
1998: Non Stop 98/01, FFRR Records
1998: The Sound Of Ultimate B.A.S.E., Worldwide Ultimatum Records
1999: Non Stop 2000, FFRR Records
1999: F.A.C.T. Australia, X-Over Recordings
2000: Mixed Live Crobar Nightclub, Chicago, Moonshine Music
2002: Global, Play It Again Sam
2002: Mixed Live 2nd Session Area 2, Detroit, Moonshine Music
2003: F.A.C.T. Australia II, Warner Music Group
2003: U60311 Compilation Techno Division Vol. 3, V2 Records
2004: Back To Mine, DMC Publishing
2004: Pure Intec, Intec Records
2005: Live at space, featuring Allan Banford
2005: The Latin Theme,
2006: Intec 50 EP, Intec Records
2007: Global, Play It Again Sam
2008: Ultimate Carl Cox, Ministry of Sound Australia
2010: Global Underground 38 – Black Rock Desert
[edit] Remixes1991: Supreme Love Gods – “Cherry White (Carl Cox Remix)”, One Little Indian
1991: art of Noise – “Shades Of Paranoimia (Carl Cox Remix)”, China Records
1992: Eternal – “Eternal (Carl Cox Remix)”, Underground Level Recordings
1992: Robert Owens – “Gotta Work (Carl’s Renaissance Remix)”, Freetown Inc.
1992: Patti Day – “Hot Stuff (Carl Cox Remix)”, Starway Records
1992: DJ Phantasy – “Jepron (Carl Cox Remix)”, Liquid Wax Recordings
1992: Sunscreem – “Perfect Motion (Carl Cox’s Rhythm’s A Drug Remix)”, Sony BMG Music Entertainment
1993: Visa – “Let Me See Ya Move (Carl Cox’s Militant March Remix)”, MMR Productions
1993: Smooth But Hazzardous – “Made You Dance (Carl Cox Remix)”, Sound Entity Records
1994: Laurent Garnier – “Astral Dreams (Carl Cox’s MMR Remix)”, F-Communications
1994: Trevor Rockcliffe Presents Glow – “Break The Law (Carl’s Reconstructed Remix)”, MMR Productions
1994: Quench – “Hope (Carl Cox Remix)”, Infectious Records
1994: FKW – “Jingo (Carl Cox Remix)”, PWL
1994: O.T.T. – “Raw (Carl Cox Remix)”, Industrial Strength Records
1994: Aurora Borealis – “Raz (Carl’s MMR Remix)”, F-Communications
1994: English Muffin – “The Blood Of An English Muffin (Carl Cox Remix)”, MMR Productions
1994: Lunatic Asylum – “The Meltdown (Carl Cox & John Selway’s Circular Cycle Remix)”, MMR Productions
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1995: Infrequent Oscillation – “Burning Phibes (Carl Cox Remix)”, MMR Productions
1995: Technohead – “Get Stoned (Carl Cox Remix)”, Mokum Records
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1996: Electroliners – “Loose Caboose (Carl Cox Remix)”, XL Recordings
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1996: The Advent – “Mad Dog (Carl Cox Remix)”, Internal
1996: JX – “There’s Nothing I Won’t Do (Carl Cox’s Full House Remix)”, FFRR Records
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2001: Slam – “Positive Education (Carl Cox’s Intec Remix)”, VC Recordings
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2001: Ramirez – “Volcan De Passion (Carl Cox Remix)”, Terapia
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2010: Moby – “Walk With Me (Carl Cox Remix)”, thelittleidiot.