Description: Vocalist, Composer, Guitarist, Australia

Known For: Known for “The Buddy Weston Show” through-out Australia.

Instruments: Voice, Guitar

Music Styles: Country / Rockabilly

Location: NSW, Australia

Date Born: 10th August 1943
Location Born: Aberdeen

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Buddy Weston

An Australian country singer.

Originally from Scotland.

A country vocalist mainly known for his songs with his career starting in 1958 on a cattle station in Queensland.

Winning a talent quest in Cairns he started touring with other musicians in Queensland and Port Moresby.

Making the move as a solo entertainer Weston toured with Tex Morton, Slim Dusty, Buddy Williams etc.

He eventually had his own show touring Australia which was mainly The Northern Territory and Queensland in the seventies.

He went to the U.S.A. where he worked Nashville, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Dallas etc.returning to Australia in 1978.

Weston appeared in the Slim Dusty movie and sang two songs.

His own tours of Australia came once again in the mid eighties.

“Inducted into the Hands Of Fame 1993″”

Also known for his singing with Slim Dusty.