Full Name: Willard Kennedy

Description: Actor, USA

Known For: “Faster than a Speeding Bullet… – “Superman”

Location: United States of America

Date Born: 27th June 1908
Location Born: Cleveland Heights, Ohio, United States of America

Date Died: 27th January 1997

Location Died: Palm Beach, Florida, United States of America

Cause Of Death: Emphysema

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Bill Kennedy

An American actor, voice artist, and host of the long-running Detroit based television show Bill Kennedy at the Movies. Kennedy’s voice is heard doing the opening narration of the television series Adventures of Superman.

Kennedy had been a Warner Bros. contract player in the 1940s and appeared in dozens of Hollywood movies from 1941 through 1955.

He was often cast as a police officer or detective. He played the character who sets fire to Joan (played by Ingrid Bergman) in Joan of Arc, and played opposite Cary Grant in Destination Tokyo.

In the Superman series, he also appeared off-screen (uncredited) as the wrestling announcer in the 1952 episode called No Holds Barred and on-screen, as one of the radio announcers (uncredited) in the 1953 episode called Crime Wave, and as the racetrack announcer in the 1955 episode called Joey.

In 1956 Kennedy returned to the Detroit area as host of Bill Kennedy’s Showtime at CKLW-TV, directly across the Detroit River in Windsor, Ontario.

The musical standard, “Just in Time” was his theme song, and was continually associated with his on air personality.

He did not hide his feelings about the movies he hosted, frequently saying such things as “We have a moderately good picture for you today”. He would take on air calls from viewers which was a highlight of his daily shows.

Kennedy died January 27, 1997 in Palm Beach, Florida of emphysema.