Description: Recording company, Australia

Known For: Successful with bands including – “The Masters

Apprentices”, “The Loved Ones” etc

Instruments: Records

Music Styles: Popular, Rock, Jazz, Country

Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Astor Records

Astor Records was an Australian recording company and recorded music distributor that operated from the 1960s to the early 1980s. Astor was originally a trademark of the consumer electronics industries ltd. Radio Corporation Pty. Ltd., makers of Astor radios and radiograms and a range of electronic companies including gereral accessories Anodeon Sales Division. The company expanded into record production ca. 1960, and its inaugural release was the single “Speak Low” by Philippines-born vocalist Pilita Corrales. Astor operated its own vinyl record pressing plant in Melbourne and during the 1970s was considered to be one of the ‘Big Seven’ recorded music distributors in Australia along with CBS Records, EMI Records, Festival Records, Phonogram/Polygram Records, RCA Records and Warner Music Group.

In the late 70s Astor enjoyed considerable chart and sales success with Kiss and Donna Summer who were both on the Casablanca label at the time. The label also enjoyed local success with releases by pop groups the Masters Apprentices and the Loved Ones (who recorded for Astor’s subsidiary label In Records).

Astor also held the Australian distribution rights a number of important overseas labels including Vanguard, Pye, MGM/Verve, Kama Sutra, Casablanca, Buddha, Mercury and MCA.

For more information about the radios and radiograms see this link Astor Radio Corporation.