Best of Hilary Duff

Released November 11, 2008
Recorded 2003–08
Length 46:21
Label Hollywood
Chico Bennett Andreas Carlsson Desmond Child Dead Executives Matthew Gerrard Derrick Haruin Rhett Lawrence Logic The Matrix Charlie Midnight Vada Nobles Richard Vission John Shanks Ryan “Alias” Tedder Denny Weston Jr

Best of Hilary Duff is the first greatest hits album by American recording artist Hilary Duff. It was released on November 11, 2008, by Hollywood Records. The 12-track album consists of eight of Duff’s previous singles, as well as two new recordings: “Reach Out” and “Holiday”, and two remixes to the songs. Only one single was released from the album, the Ryan “Alias” Tedder-produced “Reach Out”, which became her third single to chart at number one on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play. Despite being a greatest hits album, her singles “Someone’s Watching Over Me”, “Our Lips Are Sealed” and “Beat of My Heart” aren’t included in the standard edition of the album.

Duff confirmed that she had collaborated with a rapper called Prophet on a previously unheard song on the Dignity tour’s set list, “Reach Out” in September 2007. In an interview with remix producer Joe Bermudez in November 2007, she said that Dignity would be re-released in a CDVU+ edition featuring remixes of the original songs alongside two new tracks: “Reach Out” and “Holiday”. Duff said she hoped to write a third new song for the re-release, and to have “Holiday” released as its first or second single; However, Hollywood Records scrapped the plans adding to their large list of cancelations, which in turn led Duff to make the decision to leave the label and develop Best of Hilary Duff to quickly end her contract, which had expected one more album.

Unlike Duff’s first compilation album Most Wanted (2005), which was advertised as strictly a compilation, Best of was strictly advertised as a greatest hits, making it her first.

Track listings

Best of Hilary Duff – North American edition

No. Title Writer(s) Album Length

1. “Reach Out”
Martin Gore Ryan Tedder Evan Bogart Mika Guillory
Previously unreleased 4:14
2. “Holiday”
Tedder Hilary Duff Haylie Duff
Previously unreleased 4:05
3. “Stranger”
Hilary Duff Kara DioGuardi Vada Nobles Derrick Haruin Julius Diaz
Dignity 4:14
4. “With Love”
Hilary Duff DioGuardi Nobles Diaz
Dignity 3:05
5. “Play with Fire”
Hilary Duff DioGuardi Rhett Lawrence Will I Am
Dignity 3:01
6. “Wake Up”
Dead Executives Hilary Duff
Most Wanted 3:38
7. “Fly”
DioGuardi John Shanks
Hilary Duff 3:45
8. “Come Clean” (Remix)
DioGuardi Shanks
Metamorphosis 3:20
9. “So Yesterday”
Lauren Christy Scott Spock Graham Edwards Charlie Midnight
Metamorphosis 3:36
10. “Why Not”
Midnight Matthew Gerrard
The Lizzie McGuire Movie (soundtrack) 3:00
11. “Reach Out” (Remix) 6:16
12. “Holiday” (Bermudez – Chico Remix)


DJ Joe Bermudez – producer, remixing
Ronnie “Chico” Di Cicco – producer, remixing
Rob Chiarelli – mixing
Dirty Freqs – producer
Hilary Duff – executive producer, lead and backing vocalist
Matthew Gerrard – producer
Jason Graucott – mixing
Derrick Harvin – producer
Enny Joo – art direction and design
Leslie Kee – photography, creative director
Rhett Lawrence – producer, engineer, mixing
Logic – producer, mixing
The Matrix – arranger, producer, ngineer, mixing
Steve McMillan – engineer, mixing
Vada Nobles – producer, mixing
Dave Pensado – engineer, mixing
Andre Recke – executive producer
Brian Reeves – engineer, mixing
Jeff Rothschild – mixing
John Shanks – producer, mixing
Phil Tan – mixing
Ryan Tedder – producer, engineer
Richard “Humpty” Vission – producer, remixing
Robert Vosgien – mastering

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