Computer Games (song)

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Released 1979 (Australia/NZ)
Recorded 1979
Length 3:53 (Graffiti Crimes version)
4:01 (Where Do They Go? version)
Label CBS
Writer(s) Murray Burns, Steve Gilpin, B Stanton
Producer(s) Peter Dawkins

“Computer Games” is a single by New Zealand group Mi-Sex, released in 1979 in Australia and New Zealand and in 1981 throughout Europe. It was the single that launched the band, and was hugely popular, particularly in Australia and New Zealand. It was produced by Peter Dawkins.

The single won the award for Best Australian Single at the 1979 TV Week/Countdown Music Awards.

The song was also re-recorded as the final track for the band’s final album Where Do They Go? in 1983.

The music video was filmed on location at what was at the time Control Data Corporation’s North Sydney centre and included gameplay from the 1979 arcade games Speed Freak, Basketball and Star Fire.